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Williamstown Seagulls
Football Integration Development Association

Code of Conduct


Football is a game of skills associated with a knowledge of the rules. Attitude and sportsmanship are vital ingredients. Therefore it is essential that teams and players should:

  1. Play the game according to the rules;
  2. Win (and lose) graciously;
  3. Accept decisions.

The Role of the Association

The Association can play an important part in the behaviour pattern by;

  1. Making sure the clubs and teams are aware of the Laws of Football and the Rules of the Association.
  2. Ensuring that umpires are fully conversant with these laws and rules;
  3. Giving full support to umpires in their efforts to conduct games with smoothness and dignity.

The Role of the Captains

  1. The captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game as well as within the laws,
  2. Clubs should exercise great care in the selection of captains;
  3. Clubs should closely monitor and fully support the efforts of captains in regard to the maintenance of the code of behaviour.

Attitude to Umpires

  1. If an Umpire in your opinion misinterprets a rule, avoid heckling or arguing with him/her or opposition players;
  2. Recognise that the Umpire is in charge and has the final say;
  3. Courtesy and respect should be shown to Umpires at all times.

Attitude to Players

  1. Remember that opposing teams and officials are friends and should be treated as such;
  2. Avoid making uncomplimentary and unnecessary remarks to opponents;
  3. Avoid becoming involved in discussions between the umpire and your opponents;
  4. Players should maintain a standard of dress in conformity with the F.I.D.A. Guidelines
  5. Assist captains and umpires in the smooth running of the game.

Attitude to your Team and Club

  1. Make your team and club a family unit;
  2. Demonstrate teamwork and co-operation;
  3. Place the team before any individual.